dominic roussel

owner, former nhl goaltender

I worked with these drills my entire NHL career and modern NHL goalies do the same. Repetition is the foundation of skill and performance.

Modern goaltending is very technical in nature, the prime objective is to be at the right place at the right time, to be compact, take up space and of course to take care of those rebounds that are often inevitable.

Basics must be practiced constantly to perfect technical movements, gain speed, this with time and practice. This program is what you need to stay effective, to perfect your techniques and progress all year round instead of regressing.

For goalie coaches these drills are easy and simple to setup and can be ran with only one shooter or no shooter at all, which gives the coach flexibility. For head coaches they are simple tools that should be used in every practice session. These training plans can be set for a 10, 20 or even for 60 minute sessions. All you need is a small area and one shooter or reserve a small area where the goalies can practice on their own as the rest of the team works on other things.